Knife (Billao) for indigenous troops of the P.A.I.


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Knife (Billao) used by the foot bands of the P.A.I. (Police of the Italian Africa). Composed of natives were led by Italian Officers making the police work in our overseas territories. This billao, in particular, is of the first pattern: in fact on the top of the blade there is the inscription P.C. which means Colonial Police, first denomination of the corps which will take later the name P.A.I. The following number 200... (2000?) is the serial number. The bone handle is loaded with a brass oval with the Savoia coat of arms. The eagle of the coat of arms don't has the shield with the cross on his chest, this confirms that was intended for the indigenous ranks having, however, that shield the officers's one. The scabbard is made of leather and, like the knife, is home produced. The effectives of this corps were not many, so the knife is considered very rare and very coveted by collectors.

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